Wicked Naughty ISO Talented Queer Graphic Designers

Wicked Naughty Apparel wants to partner with you. Through our partnership program you could be featured on Wicked Naughty Apparel under our soon to be launched "Queer Artists" collection and make some money at the same time. You get your art on our shirts, and your bio under every tee/tank/hoodie description we used your art for.  

If we think your graphic design fits the Wicked Naughty vibe, we will pay you $50 for each design you provide us. In addition, for every 20 items we sell with your design on it, we will pay you another $50. There is no cap to that offer. The more we sell of your design, the more you make. 

To be considered, send us a link, example, etc of your design to

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