During the Pandemic, We Launched Wicked Naughty Apparel - Wicked Naughty Apparel

During the Pandemic, We Launched Wicked Naughty Apparel

At the peak of Covid in August 2020, and after the passing of our beloved rescue dog Bella (pictured left,) we launched Wicked Naughty Apparel. We knew we needed a creative outlet and we also knew we needed to do something positive and productive with this unexpected time we had.                                           
Wicked Naughty Apparel was inspired because we missed the hilarious and naughty tees and designs of the late 80’s and all of the 90’s, when my husband and I came out (of the closet.) We wanted to bring a little of that fun and frivolity back to casual apparel. In addition, LGBTQ rights and the continued battle for full equality is at the forefront of everything we do. We have an expansive LGBTQ plus Pride collection that we expand daily. We also wanted our apparel items to be comfortable, high quality, and a value for our customers.


We are currently a small 5 person Boston based (Hull, Massachusetts) business (Me, my husband, and 3 part time queer employees) that is committed to you having the best possible customer experience. We also make every effort to only work with other LGBTQ+ partners, designers, and more. (If you are a queer graphic designer and want to work with us, please use the Contact Us page and reach out. We would love to work with you!)

All of our tees are printed on the industry top standard Bella and Canvas 3001 (80% of the inventory) or Next Level 3600 (the other 20% of our inventory.) All of our tank tops are a high quality Bella and Canvas 3480, and our hoodies are a super soft quality blend.

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